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Improve our Road verges

Plantlife's road verge campaign aims to restore the verges of our roads to the wildflower havens they once were by working with councils and contractors to manage these grassland habitats correctly. If we get the plants right, all other wildlife has a chance of thriving. Their value in the fight to conserve bees, butterflies and beetles cannot be underestimated.

We have 238,000 hectares of road verges compared to just 85,000 hectares of surviving species-rich grassland: for many wild flowers these roadside mini-meadows are their main refuge. Over 700 species of wildflowers grow on verges, nearly 45% of our total flora. We are calling for cutting regimes to be more wildlife-friendly and sustainable, to give road verge flowers a chance. If all the UK’s road verges were managed according to our guidelines, there could be 400 billion more flowers, equivalent to an extra quarter of a million acres of meadow. Together we can make this a reality.

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