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Make the planet green

Plants are the foundation of all life. We wouldn’t be able to breathe without them. While producing this vital oxygen, plants are absorbing carbon and helping to stabilise our warming world. Plants also help our wellbeing, a stroll in a bluebell wood or meadow can do wonders for our minds.

Where wildflowers lead, nature follows. Fungi provide a vital underground network, sharing nutrients but also helping plants communicate, warning each other of danger. Flowers rely on insects like bees and butterflies to reproduce and are fed in return. They are inextricably linked.

From lush green Atlantic rainforest to peat bogs full of carnivorous sundews to wildflower meadows bursting with colour, the UK has a wealth of beautiful plants and fungi but they often go unnoticed. But with one in five British wild flowers under threat, plants now need us as much as we need them.

It’s time to act. Donate today to rebuild a world rich in plants and fungi.