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Greena Moor Appeal
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Greena Moor Appeal Greena Moor Appeal

Greena Moor Appeal

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Our reserves are a refuge of over 1,800 hectares of nationally important wild plant habitats. Plants in the wider countryside face an uncertain future.

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As well as keeping our reserves in the best condition, we influence and restore the landscape in which they sit. Opportunities to do this by purchasing land adjacent to our reserves are rare, so it is with urgency and excitement that I’m writing to tell you of a chance to expand our Greena Moor nature reserve in Cornwall.

Buying and restoring 40 acres of land adjacent to the reserve will create the largest culm grassland reserve in Cornwall. This grassland is rapidly declining elsewhere and 92% has been lost in the past 100 years. The purchase will link isolated parcels of habitat, strengthening our partnership with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. We will restore a key part of a formerly extensive moor and revitalise populations of marsh fritillary butterfly and six of England’s most threatened ‘red list’ plant species, including lesser butterfly orchid and three-lobed crowfoot, both present in small numbers on the existing reserve. The purchase will allow us to connect more people with nature around them and create a long-lasting legacy for an outstanding wild plant landscape.

Buying and restoring this land will cost more than £300,000 over the next few years. That’s in addition to a similar sum we have to spend every year keeping all of our existing reserves in the best condition. A legacy we have received will give us a generous £150,000 start towards this total. But we cannot reach the target without your help.

Every penny will make a big difference for our rarest plants and habitats. If we raise more than we need for Greena Moor, we can put it to good use protecting wild flowers on our other reserves.

Plantlife buys land very rarely. This site has such huge potential for restoration that we really want to grasp the opportunity. This is a vital step in creating a plant-rich habitat, a lasting legacy, not only for Cornwall but for the UK as a whole.