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Important Plant Areas Appeal


From familiar landscapes such as The Broads, Snowdon and the Cairngorms, to lesser known places with intriguing flora, such as Mwnt in West Wales, Chudleigh Rocks in Dartmoor or the exceptional Mid Cornwall Moors, Plantlife partners communities, and land managers to protect the wild plants which grow in these special habitats and to promote enjoyment, pride and understanding of these extraordinary landscapes.

In the next year, we want to spend over £200,000 on plant and fungi conservation on IPAs. But without your generosity, we won’t be able to do everything which needs doing.  

With sufficient funds, we can:

  • Provide expertise on veteran trees in Savernake Forest, so woodland can be managed in the best way for all types of plants, including lichens and bryophytes.
  • Clear 45 ha (over 100 acres) of Carmarthen Bay sand dunes of invasive scrub and conifers, to help our rarest dunes species
  • Reintroduce fen orchid to more sites
  • Inspire landowners in IPAs by running training and demonstration sessions
  • Continue advising the National Trust on doing more for wild plants on their land
  • Start a new project to improve habitats on the Cornish Moors

We are already making a difference, from Kent to Cornwall and from the west of Wales to the north of Scotland. For example, conservation of fen orchids in The Broads IPA has been a great success with numbers going from a few hundred flowering spikes to thousands of fen orchids, an increase of several hundred percent. Fen orchid is an astonishing conservation success and spurs us on to what is possible.  If money is available, we hope to reintroduce fen orchid to sites where it flourished in the past.

If you can give towards IPA conservation, we can assure you that your donation will mean we do more conservation work. With your help we’ll have more success stories, making the best places for plants even better. 

Photo credits: (L-R) Gower IPA © Bob Gibbons/Plantlife, Ranscombe IPA © Joe Costley/Plantlife, Surveying at Barnhamcross Common © Tim Pankhurst/Plantlife, West Coast of Scotland IPA © Deborah Long/Plantlife

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Important Plant Areas Appeal