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Making Meadows
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Making Meadows Making Meadows Making Meadows

Making Meadows

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Stand in a field of intensively farmed grassland and, despite the apparent lushness at your feet, barely any life will be evident. No movement, no sound, no colour. Stand in a meadow in midsummer and the hum of life around you is almost overwhelming: bees, butterflies, birdsong - and colour.

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Meadows and other species-rich grasslands now cover less than 1% of the UK. Changing farming practices, inadequate protection and a lack of public awareness has caused 97% (7.5 million acres) to be lost in less than a century.

Following on from Plantlife's successful Coronation Meadows project - where new meadows were created across the UK using seed from nearby ancient meadows - we are working closely with community experts to create networks of meadows full of wild flowers, so creating a permanent nectar source for our threatened pollinators. Your donation will bring us closer to our target of creating 120,000 hectares of species-rich grassland within the UK. 

Thank you for your support. For a small charity like Plantlife every donation makes a big difference.


Images: Joan's Hill Farm Reserve ©Chris Harris/Plantlife,  Adonis blue on common knapweed ©Charlie Jackson under CC BY 2.0, Ryewater Farm reserve ©Martin Jones/Plantlife