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No Mow May


Plants need pollinators and pollinators need plants. 

Grasslands are found all over the UK, from your garden to your local park to a large field, but not all of our grasslands have the diversity of species needed to help our bees, butterflies and other pollinators thrive. 

Species-rich grasslands are one of the most biodiverse places in the UK. They help fight the climate crisis by storing carbon and reducing flooding, they improve our wellbeing and provide a safe home for wildlife. 

But we have lost 97% of our species-rich grasslands in the last 100 years. A third of bumblebee species are under threat of extinction, and 70% of butterfly species have seen populations decline since the 1970s. 

Here at Plantlife we are working across the UK to restore a world rich in plants and fungi for the benefit of the climate, nature and us. Donate today to make a difference. 

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No Mow May