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Restore our Road Verges


Plantlife's road verge campaign aims to restore the verges of our roads to the wildflower havens they once were by working with councils and contractors to manage these grassland habitats correctly. If we get the plants right, all other wildlife has a chance of thriving. Their value in the fight to conserve bees, butterflies and beetles cannot be underestimated. 

As pioneering councils have proven, cutting less and later also saves significant sums of money that can be redirected to other invaluable council services and helps cut down on emissions in our battle with climate change.

This spring, roads fell quiet as drivers observed lockdown. It wasn’t just the daily commute that ceased; the usual drone of councils’ mowers was also absent, replaced instead by the low hum of bees and birdsong as wildlife thrived once more on the wild flowers that flourished. It felt as if the whole country woke up to the beauty around us.

If all the UK’s road verges were managed according to our guidelines, there could be 400 billion more flowers, equivalent to an extra quarter of a million acres of meadow. Just imagine!

Donate to restore our road verges today. Thank you.

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Restore our Road Verges