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Save Our Species...30 years on


As we’ve carefully managed our reserves over the years, we have seen tremendous increases in wild flowers; a 6,000% increase in green-winged orchids at Joan’s Hill Farm, for example; a 1,500% increase in threatened wood bitter-vetch at Greena Moor, and a 520% increase in meadow clary at Ranscombe.

Our ambition is to dedicate over £2 million to conservation in our 30th year. We already have a lot of this from generous grants, but we need to raise another £300,000 to carry out conservation work vital to the survival of some of our most
special plants. Combining donations and grants means we can do so much more. Please consider giving.

Thank you for your support for wild plants, your donation will make such a difference.


Images: Spreading bellflower ©James Peat/Plantlife, Deptford pink ©Dominic Price/Plantlife, Wood bitter-vetch ©Trevor Dines/Plantlife, Three-lobed water-crowfoot ©Lliam Rooney

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Save Our Species...30 years on