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Save Britain's Rainforests


Britain has an outstanding diversity of woodland for our small land area. Some of these woodlands - our temperate rainforests - are of global importance, having the greatest concentration of oceanic lichens and mosses in Europe. These woodlands have a sense of mystery; where the air can be thick with mist, enigmatic fungi work their magic, and the exquisite colours and textures of mosses, ferns and lichens cloak the trees.

We know that tropical rainforests are under threat but it is a more subtle story for temperate rainforest. We no longer use them to graze livestock, hunt, make charcoal, or even extract timber in the same way and invasive Rhododendron creates dense, dark conditions where flora can't survive. Tree diseases such as ash dieback now threaten to alter our woodlands for decades to come.

If we don't look after our rainforests, we'll witness the slow loss of the magical diversity that makes them so special. Will you help?

Plantlife has been instrumental in the conservation of temperate rainforests for the last decade. From transplanting rare lichens to introducing Highland cattle to help restore the internationally important Meirionnydd rainforest to enthusing a new generation of lichen and moss experts. 

Your support will ensure our rainforest and their wildlife are healthier and more resilient to climate change in the coming years. 

Thank you

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Save Britain's Rainforests