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Shine a light on lichens


Lichens are a vital part of our ecosystem, but they are struggling in our polluted and developing world.

Donate to make a positive impact in preserving and protecting these remarkable species.

Lichens are facing increasing challenges from air pollution, habitat loss, tree diseases, a lack of understanding and climate change.  Which is why they need your help. 

We have a plan to tackle these issues; working on the ground, through training, mapping, policy work and by raising awareness. Read more detail about our plan by clicking donate. 

However, we cannot do this without your support.  

  • £15 could raise awareness of how special lichens are 
  • £50 could help identify and map new key sites for lichens 
  • £95 could run half a day’s training in habitat management for lichens 
  • £186 could help us spend a day translocating rare lichens


Images: Pixie Cup Lichen Cladonia pyxidata ©Denis Gavrilovi/iStock, Long-tailed Tit builds nest using lichens © wirestock/iStock, Reindeer Lichen Cladonia rangiferina ©Grigorii Pisotckii/iStock, Tree Lungwort Lobaria pulmonaria ©Ray Woods/Plantlife.