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Speaking up for wild flowers in government


In January, the Prime Minister launched a 25-year plan for the environment, indicating that her government wants to leave the environment in a better state than they found it. The plan includes ideas for farmers to “turn over fields to meadows rich in herbs and wildflowers” and for establishing “wildflower recovery areas”.

Many influential people will want to water down these suggestions. Plantlife is determined to hold the government to account and get the best outcomes for wild plants and fungi – but we need your help.

This time next year, the UK will be about to leave the European Union, and the future of our threatened flora and habitats will hang in the balance. Our most effective environmental laws and regulations come from the EU - for example the Habitats Directive has helped protect species such as the fen orchid. Along
with our conservation partners, Plantlife has had resounding success saving this delicate wild orchid from extinction. As well as our on-the-ground conservation work, we provided expert evidence to stop water abstraction damaging one of only three remaining fen orchid sites in England, using European protections to save the internationally-important fen habitat.

As we head out of Europe, it is crucial that our voice is heard by law-makers in Westminster, Cardiff and Holyrood to ensure a brighter future for our wildlife.

What is Plantlife calling for?

  • Environmental laws and regulations to be maintained and strengthened after we leave the EU. Wild plants and fungi need better protection and, as our laws are re-written following Brexit, now is the time to make some real gains.
  • A bold new system that rewards farmers and woodland owners for conserving our wildlife,keeping our air and water clean and our soils healthy, replacing the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • An ambitious Environmental Protection Act to ensure that the UK has a world-class natural environment for future generations to enjoy.
  • A new independent body to hold our elected politicians to account for the quality of our environment.

Plantlife’s expert staff are ready to put forward practical proposals and offer up the supporting evidence to help the government deliver on its environmental promises.

But persuading politicians isn’t easy - we need to encourage the good and challenge the bad, taking on those that would prefer weaker legislation and working alongside our partners across the environment sector. We estimate £15,000 will help us achieve our goals and we are grateful for any kind donation you can give towards this.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fundamentally improve the laws and policies affecting our natural environment.

With your generous support we will speak up for wild plants and fungi in the corridors of power and ensure we do indeed leave the natural world in better state than we inherited it.

Images: Brian A Jackson/iStock and Plantlife

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Speaking up for wild flowers in government