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Speaking up for wild flowers in government
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Speaking up for wild flowers in government

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This time next year, the UK will be about to leave the European Union – and the future of our wild plants will hang in the balance. No one yet knows what Brexit will bring, but one thing is certain – change is on the way.

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Many of our environmental laws and regulations come from the EU - setting standards for clean air and water, and protecting wild plants and their habitat.  What will happen to all this after we leave the EU? Will the UK match these standards or let them fall? Can we do even better? 

Plantlife is determined to get the best outcomes for wild plants and fungi – but we need your help. Conservation work isn’t just about getting people out in the fields, woods and mountains. At this crucial time, we must make our voice heard loud and clear with politicians in Cardiff, Holyrood and Westminster. 

Wild plants in the UK need better protection regardless of whether we are in the EU.  As laws are transferred into domestic legislation, we have our chance to make some real gains. Plantlife is calling for an ambitious new Environmental Protection Act to make sure the UK has a world-class natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Plantlife to get effective new policies and laws for wild plants and fungi across the UK – but we can’t do it without you. Our work depends on your generous donations and we need to do more at this crucial time to speak up for wild plants and fungi in the corridors of power.