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Adopt a flower - Mistletoe


Introduce someone you love to wild flowers by adopting a mistletoe for them for £20 a year. We'll send a personalised certificate, fact sheet and an A5 postcard. Your support will boost Plantlife's wild plant conservation programmes.

From kissing traditions at Christmas to ancient fertility rites, mistletoe has long been regarded as a magical plant. 

Found scattered across the southern half of the UK on the branches of trees, mainly those in the rose family, such as apple, pear and hawthorn; its heartland is in Somerset and counties on the England/Wales border. 

When you adopt a flower, you are making a donation to help create a world rich in plants and fungi. Your adoption will be used to support Plantlife’s work in the most effective way possible to make a difference to nature.  We can only continue our conservation work thanks to the difference you make.

If you intend to give this as a gift - please make sure to add who the gift is from in the personal message.

Images ©Chris Harris/Plantlife

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Make your donations worth even more. For every pound you give, we will receive a further 25p from HMRC.

If we can no longer claim Gift Aid on your behalf or your details have changed please let us know. Not completing this section is not authority to cancel an existing declaration.

Adopt a flower - Mistletoe