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About Us

For a world rich in plants and fungi.

From the weird to the wonderful, plants are life affirming. They can be as blissfully commonplace as the daisy, or as painfully shy as the rarest wild orchid. Their flowers make us smile. With scents that delight and colours that tingle, plants bring us joy. They can be exquisitely fragile yet opportunists too, forcing their way through the tiniest cracks in our concrete cities.

We’ve named them like poetry, these snake’s head fritillaries, bee orchids and ragged robins. Plants slow us down, forcing us to heed the rhythms of nature. They signal the changing seasons. Some blossom so seldom that they demand patience.

Plants breathe fresh oxygen into our lungs. And we know that plants calm our minds, though we often forget. As we spend time in nature, plants can be the steadying influence we all need to tend to our wellbeing…

…yet everywhere, plants are under attack.

Plants now need us as much as we need them.