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Adopt a Veteran Tree


Preserve a little piece of history and adopt one of our veteran trees at our flagship reserve, Ranscombe Farm in Kent. 

'Veteran trees are a living link to the past. Located along old tracks that have been walked for centuries, these trees have locked away huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and are a home to a wealth of wildlife including small mammals, bugs, birds and fungi.' Ben Sweeney, Ranscombe Farm Reserve Manager

We’ll send you a personalised certificate with a map showing your veteran tree’s location.


When you adopt a veteran tree, you are making a donation to help Plantlife manage our Ranscombe nature reserve. Your adoption will be used to support work on our reserves in the most effective way possible. We can only continue our conservation work thanks to the difference you make. 

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Make your donations worth even more. For every pound you give, we will receive a further 25p from HMRC.

If we can no longer claim Gift Aid on your behalf or your details have changed please let us know. Not completing this section is not authority to cancel an existing declaration.

Adopt a Veteran Tree