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Wild Orchids of Wales - how, when and where to find them

More than 300 colour photographs of the orchids, both in their natural settings and as stunning close-up pictures of their flowers, ensure that readers will be able to identify the orchids they find on countryside rambles.

Wild Orchids of Wales - how, when and where to find them, by Sue Parker:
ISBN: 978-0-9934502-1-1; 192 pages, full colour, Hardback binding. RRP £20.00.

Wales with its rich botanical heritage and centuries-old traditions of plant hunting (Snowdonia was a favourite haunt of Charles Darwin) is still one of the most orchid-rich parts of Britain, with 32 species and several distinctive subspecies. This in part is due to Wales’s very varied range of habitats, but another major factor is the priority that Wales has given to safeguarding its wildlife and wildflowers. Nowhere in Europe has such an abundance of nature reserves and other sites with protected status for their national and international conservation value.

Wild Orchids of Wales is much more than a fully illustrated identification guide; it is also a celebration of the Nature Reserves of Wales. The author has dedicated this book to ‘…the individuals and groups of volunteers without whose tireless efforts in all winds and weathers the environmental riches of Wales, from small community sites to great nature reserves, would not be so accessible and bring such joy to so many people.’

About the Author:
Sue Parker is a naturalist whose fascination with orchids stems from her childhood in the Far East. The colourful wildflowers growing over her garden fence in Singapore were the kind of exotic orchids that many people in Europe now have in pots on windowsills.

The search for wild orchids has taken Sue to many countries; but, as she says, there is a very special satisfaction in finding and identifying beautiful orchids close to home – and for the past 15 years Sue’s home in south Ceredigion has been a base for studying the wonderful wildflowers of Wales and, in particular, its wild orchids.

Writing and occasionally broadcasting on wildlife and countryside topics, Sue is also the author or co-author of 12 books and several dozen articles. In 2014 her book Wild Orchids of the Algarve, how when and where to find them, was published to critical acclaim and is now among the bestselling nature books in Portugal. This new book follows the same proven format, with illustrated guides to the wild orchids found in Wales together with detailed information about top orchid sites and walks, the best times to visit and which orchid species are likely to be seen at each one.

Wild Orchids of Wales - how, when and where to find them