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My First Meadow - Wild flower seed mixture


My First Meadow Wild Flower Mix

Made for all the family, My First Meadow seeds are a great way to get children involved in nature. The seed packaging has colourful illustrations and contains a mixture of annuals and perennials which will give a good amount of flowering in the first year whilst the perennials establish.

A mix of easy-to-grow species makes it easy to get your wild flower meadow off to a great start in a sunny spot in most garden soils.

Some items will be sent directly from John Chambers so will arrive separately to any individual packets purchased. All orders may take up to 14 working days to arrive.

Mix contains:

Bedstraw; Lady's 
Bird's-foot-trefoil; Common 
Burnet; Salad 
Buttercup; Meadow
Campion; Red 
Campion; White
Carrot; Wild 
Chamomile; Corn 
Daisy; Oxeye
Forget-me-not; Field 
Knapweed; Common or Hardheads 
Marigold; Corn 
Pansy; Field 
Plantain; Ribwort 
Poppy; Field or Common 
Sorrel; Common 
Vetch; Common 
Vetch; Kidney 
Yellow-Rattle Or Hay-Rattle 

My First Meadow - Wild flower seed mixture