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Perfect for Pollinators - Wild flower seed mixture


Perfect for pollinators: A species-rich mix packed with nectar and pollen rich flowers to keep the bees, hoverflies, butterflies and other pollinators happy from spring to autumn. 

Sow in spring or autumn into a fine, well prepared seed bed and lightly rake, then firm soil. Ensure seedlings are well watered and keep free of unwanted weeds. Cut back all growth at the end of flowering (late Aug-Sept), removing all cuttings. If growing with grasses cut them back every few weeks in first year to allow wildflowers to establish, otherwise grasses will dominate. This unique Plantlife wildflower mix will help you (and your bees and butterflies) enjoy native flowers in your garden. 

Some items will be sent directly from John Chambers so will arrive separately to any individual packets purchased. All orders may take up to 14 working days to arrive.

Mix Contains:

Bedstraw; Lady's 
Bird's-foot-trefoil; Common 
Burnet; Salad 
Buttercup; Meadow 
Campion; Red 
Campion; White 
Carrot; Wild 
Clover; Red 
Crane's-bill; Meadow 
Daisy; Oxeye 
Dandelion; Common 
Knapweed; Common or Hardheads 
Knapweed; Greater 
Mallow; Musk 

Marjoram; Wild 

Medick; Black 
Mignonette; Wild 
Mustard; Garlic or Jack-by-the-hedge 
Pansy; Wild or Heartsease 
Sage; Wood 
Scabious; Devil's-bit 
Scabious; Field 
Scabious; Small 
Vetch; Common 
Vetch; Kidney 

Perfect for Pollinators - Wild flower seed mixture