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'Cornfield Jewels' Wild flower seed mixture
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'Cornfield Jewels' Wild flower seed mixture 'Cornfield Jewels' Wild flower seed mixture

'Cornfield Jewels' Wild flower seed mixture

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Cornfield jewels: The shining jewels of our summer cornfields, these are bright and easy-to grow annuals that spring up in cultivated soil, such as corn marigold, corncockle, common poppy, corn chamomile, white campion, cornflower, field forget-me-not, scentless chamomile and field pansy.

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Sow in spring or autumn into a fine, well prepared seed bed and lightly rake, then firm soil. Ensure seedlings are well watered and keep free of unwanted weeds. Cut back all growth at the end of flowering (late Aug-Sept), shaking ripe seed back onto the soil surface. Dig soil over lightly, removing any perennial weeds, and allow seedlings to grow and overwinter. This unique Plantlife wildflower mix will help you (and your bees and butterflies) enjoy native flowers in your garden. For more wildflower gardening tips and advice, visit