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From meadows to coastlines, mountains to atlantic woodland, road verges to gardens, Plantlife is working throughout the UK to save wild flowers, plants and fungi. Many of us are finding solace in nature; bees buzzing, colourful butterflies fluttering past your window, birds singing from the trees and wild flowers brightening the landscape. The survival of wild flowers is vital to all of these amazing species that have evolved to depend on them.

Unfortunately both wild flowers and pollinators are disappearing rapidly. We know we can reverse these declines but we need your help. Please donate today, we can save more wild flowers together, thank you.

Plantlife relies on donations, the more you give the more plants we can save. Please use this page to make a one-off donation. If you would like to give regularly by direct debit please click here.

Any funds raised will help support our work, from protecting habitats and species, to campaigning for policy change. Your gift will be used in the most effective way possible to make a difference to nature. We can only continue our conservation work through the generosity of supporters like you.

Images: Hoary rock-rose at Great Orme ©Trevor Dines/Plantlife, Adonis blue at Queensdown Warren reserve ©Richard Moyse/Plantlife, ©Matilda Scharsach/Plantlife, Fly Agaric ©Mark V Pike



Gift Aid

Make your donations worth even more. For every pound you give, we will receive a further 25p from HMRC.

If we can no longer claim Gift Aid on your behalf or your details have changed please let us know. Not completing this section is not authority to cancel an existing declaration.

Donate to Plantlife