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Protect our Nature Reserves


Nature reserves are havens for wild plants and wildlife. Donate today to help these nature reserves continue to thrive for future generations.

Nature is in crisis. We need urgent action.

Currently only 3.2% of England's land and sea is protected yet the UK is part of a global agreement to protect 30% by 2030. We need to do more to protect land for nature and importantly ensure its managed and monitored correctly to keep it in good condition.  

This is why nature reserves are so important and why I am asking for your help today.  


This appeal represents Plantlife’s work to create a world rich in plants and fungi. Your gift will help support work from protecting habitats and species to campaigning for policy change, and managing our nature reserves. Your gift will be used in the most effective way possible to make a difference to nature. We can only continue our conservation work through the generosity of supporters like you.